Hank Isaac: It Takes a Village to Make a TV Series


Another Note from the World of Underfunded Overachievers
by Hank Isaac

We’re still in the midst of fleshing out “Lilac” for the remaining twelve episodes of Season One. As was mentioned elsewhere on the site, writing can be a lonely endeavor. Is a lonely endeavor.

That’s why I’ve assembled a varied and talented group of folks to help take the series into the future. Though I prefer to actually write alone, I feel the energy from weekly brainstorming sessions is essential, especially when dealing with an ensemble cast of ten characters and their numerous interwoven subplots.

Our group includes a pediatrician, an industrial designer, a newspaper publisher, a retired elementary school teacher, a former assistant to the executive producer of a couple of well-known TV series, and a fantasy writer. Oh, and I’m there, too. read article

Hank Isaac: Will Lightning Ever Strike Your Digital Series?

hankandlilacUnderfunded Overachievers #8
by Hank Isaac

I was going to write to the question: “Is it even worth it?” but, you know, it’s Spring (or Autumn if you’re down under) and, either way, it’s a time of change. So…

I’m a sailor. I’ve been one for well over half a century. And the fact I can boast that is frankly a bit disturbing. I was also a pilot. So weather is something that is not only interesting, knowledge of it is essential. In fact, ignoring the weather can quickly put lives in jeopardy.

So here’s where I pass on my little bit of knowledge – as a metaphor, because I’m supposed to be a writer. read article