LB: Some Musings on the Silver Surfer (the greatest muser of all time)

Glad You Asked Dept. 1/16/14

That's Jack Kirby's version on the left, with Earl Norem's variation on the right.
That’s Jack Kirby’s version on the left, with Earl Norem’s variation on the right.

About a year ago I started what I intended to be a weekly column answering your questions about TV writing and the TV biz in general. I would’ve gladly answered questions about a ton of other things, but TV writing and TV biz aren’t just areas I know a lot about, they’re probably the only areas I know anything about.

The weekliness of said column didn’t last long because I didn’t get enough questions. Which, btw, was very disappointing. Recently, however, I’ve received a couple of inquiries that I think might be of interest to others, so here we go with the latest Glad You Asked.

Today’s question is about one of my favorite topics, the animated SILVER SURFER series that I ran back in the waning days of the 20th Century. It’s from JB (writing from France, which of course proves the wonderfulness of the interwebs when it comes to expanding our communication horizons). Where was I? Oh, right. JB’s question: read article

LB: And My Favorite of All the Shows I’ve Worked On Is…

Glad You Asked Department 5/27/13

question_ditkoTime now to once again play Answer Man. Today’s question is on a  topic near and dear to me. Yep, that’s right, it’s about  me. Well, my career anyway. (Which isn’t me, but once upon a time I sure thought it was.)

Sam T. has expressed his curiosity this way:

I saw your IMDB page the other day and was amazed by the size of your output.  Writing credits on fifty different series? Producer on ten? Story editor on ten more? That looks to me like an amazing output. Which of all those shows was your favorite? Which was your least favorite? And I have to ask one more question too. How in the world did you do it? read article

LB: “Why Should We Settle for This Newbie? We Want an A-List Writer!”

Glad You Asked Department 5/20/13

question_ditkoTime now to once again play Answer Man. Today’s question is on a  topic that’s broken many a writer’s heart…including, yes, my own.

Thanks to Edye P. for having the special kind of courage it took to bring this up:

I’ve been writing for a couple of years now, long enough to have an agent and specs she’s proud to send out. read article

LB: My Foray into Teaching College Screenwriting Part 2

Glad You Asked Department 5/13/13

question_ditkoTwo weeks ago I answered the question, “Should I go to grad school or to L.A. as the next step to getting into the TV writing biz?”

And I followed that last week with the first part of the answer to a related query, “Why do you hate television writing programs so much?”

I said then that “my personal experience so far is that only about 20% of the programs meet my criteria” and went on and on about my one positive experience in the college TV writing arena, when I taught TV and film writing at The College of Santa Fe twenty – yikes! – years ago. read article

LB: My Foray into Teaching College Screenwriting

Glad You Asked Department 5/06/13


Last week I answered the not-so-musical question, “Should I go to grad school or to L.A.?”

And, yes, if you’re considering either of those two options in terms of a career in television writing I do think you should read that post. read article