Would You Vote for This Man?

Patric M. Verrone, former president of the Writers Guild of America, West, and an Emmy-winning writer-producer for his work on the dear, departed animated classic FUTURAMA, has announced that he’s writing for the California State Senate. LB, munchman, and about 10,000 other close friends and constituents received the following email on the subject last week:

Futurama-Patric VerroneAn Important Day, An Important Cause

I think of the important days in my life. Getting married of course to my incredible partner. The birth of our children. Winning a few Emmys, I guess. And of course, the day we won the writer’s strike. This is one of those days
I am now a candidate for the California State Senate. I wanted you to know about it first – why I am doing it – and I want to ask for your help.

This region scripted the California Dream. From aircraft factories to movie studios, we produced middle-class jobs that bought homes, sent kids to college, and provided families with a secure retirement.

Now, we must preserve those jobs and attract new ones to keep the dream alive. That’s what my campaign will be about and if you agree its a campaign that must be waged and won – please help any way you can.

The fastest way to help is to donate. The maximum donation is $4,100 per person – but every single donation of any amount is welcome and will be put to use winning this campaign and advancing this cause.

As president of the Writers Guild of America, West, I did what I believe every elected leader should do. I fought for what matters, led a struggle to save thousands of good jobs, and won.

As a state senator, preserving and creating quality jobs that strengthen the middle class will still matter most to me. Better schools, affordable colleges, and high-wage industries will allow us to prosper, protect the environment, make our streets safer, and serve our senior citizens.

I’ve lived in this district for 27 years. Our three children were born and raised here. It is here I wrote for shows including The Tonight Show, The Simpsons, and Futurama. It is here I joined, and helped lead, the fight to make sure the Internet creates well-paying jobs for the many, not just massive wealth for the few.

WGAW President Patric M VerroneAt Futurama, I wrote a lot about the future. For California, the future is still being written.

In the script we write together, there’s a happy ending.

Please join me in in this cause.

We’re still in this together.


We’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. How we feel about Patric as a person, as a Guild leader, as a writer, as a potential representative on the political stage. Trying to figure out how to balance the various aspects of the man in terms of his ability to represent us on the statewide political stage. Wondering if, given where he wants to be, his off-the-wall sense of humor is a plus or a minus. Wondering even more about where he sees the state of California and going and how he’d like to see it get there.

On the one hand, we believe it’s great that a man as intelligent and dedicated as Patric wants to serve. On the other hand, we’re worried that his creative sensibility may not be what the gig needs. So we’re reaching out to you, the Esteemed Visitors of TVWriter™ for your opinions/arguments/discernment. What do you think of this particular political development? Good in itself? Bad in itself? A portent of good/bad things to come?

The fate of the state and perhaps the nation could well be in your hands…by being – or not being – in Patric’s hands.