Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/30/12

Latest News About Writers Doing Better Than We Are

  • Rumors abound that Kevin Costner’s 1995 feature film fiasco, WATERWORLD, is headed for Syfy as a series. No writers have been mentioned, so, hey, now’s the time to put your hat in the ring. (In other words, how long will it take you to write a complete spec science fiction script to prove your genius expertise adequacy?)
  • Chris Cantwell & Chris Rodgers (SHADOW RUNNERS, feature film) are writing HALT & CATCH FIRE, a drama about the PC boom in the early ’80s intended as a series on AMC. (In other words, nerds are in, for which we at TVWriter™ give heartfelt thanks.)
  • Alexander Rose’s book, Washington’s Spies) is the basis for Craig Silverstein’s (NIKITA) AMC pilot, TURN. (In other words, why let a good, descriptive name get in the way of confusing TV viewers, right?)
  • It’s official. DOWNTON ABBEY creator Julian Fellowes will write and produce NBC’s THE GILDED AGE, described by the network as “a sweeping epic in the style of DOWNTON ABBEY. (In other words, the U.S. finally gets its own overly-manipulative soap opera about rich people nobody in the audience will be able to stand. Awesome.)


At last, the U.S. catches onto what’s so great about the Doctor. Squee! (We didn’t mean to squeal that. Really.)


There was no doubt that after such a long wait, the Doctor Who fandom would be ravenous for the update to the nearly fifty year old series. With the cathartic ending to series six, the show disappeared from air for almost a year, promising to return with a half season of farewell to two thirds of its main characters followed by the introduction of a new series main in the spring.

But I wonder, after all that time, if anyone expected the first episode of the new season to be a record breaker not just for Who on BBC America, but for all of BBC America.

The Saturday night broadcast drew 1.6 million viewers, making it the most watched episode of the show in BBCA history, according to Entertainment Weekly, breaking the BBCA record for that timeslot. 1.6 million also puts it up 23% from 2011?s Series 6 premiere.

The Entertainment Weekly article doesn’t have any info on whether this is record setting or breaking for any show on the network, which is what I’m most curious about. Downton Abbey is another American favorite from the BBC that will be returning soon, and one wonders how the two will measure up.

And for full ratings dominance, might I suggest a crossover?

True Confession Time: The reason we ran this whole article instead of writing our own based on the info is the last line above. Because in our geeky little hearts we two think a DOCTOR WHO-DOWNTON ABBEY crossover would be awesome.

munchman: Who’s Afraid of DOWNTON ABBEY?

…The writer of this article, for one. ‘Cuz, you know, if DOWNTON ABBEY wins one or two or a dozen, that’s one or two or a dozen fewer for good ole Ammurican shows:

Somebody’s Brit Granny but not mine

Emmys 2012: How ‘Downton Abbey’ might affect the drama races
by Rick Porter

When the Emmy nominations are announced on July 19, you’ll probably see quite a few repeat nominees. It’s what the Emmys does, to a large extent, and as discussed previously, it’s unlikely that any new shows not named “Homeland” will get a bucketful of nominations.

There is one returning show, however, that has the potential to shake up several races: “Downton Abbey.” PBS’ British import is moving from the movie/miniseries field to the drama series categories this year, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the show come close to matching the 11 nominations it received in 2011.

If “Downton” scores a big nomination haul, though, that means other shows and performers might get left out in the cold.

Read it all

Do you suppose this guy knows he’s a chickenshit moron? Or does he just think he’s chickenshit? Cuz morons never seem to catch on that the point of this article is absurd because of course the caliber of the competition dictates who or what wins. That’s the %$#@! point.