Who Inspires You: TV Writers Share Their Creative Inspirations

by Kelly Jo Brick

Whether a beginning writer or an experienced veteran, admiration helps fuel our creative endeavors. Writers from film and television share who has inspired them through the years.

JASON RICHMAN (LUCKY 7, DETROIT 1-8-7) – I always admired Lawrence Kasdan. First of all, as a viewer, as a fan of movies, but he was an inspiration because he did all kinds of different things. read more

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/30/12

Latest News About Writers Doing Better Than We Are

  • Rumors abound that Kevin Costner’s 1995 feature film fiasco, WATERWORLD, is headed for Syfy as a series. No writers have been mentioned, so, hey, now’s the time to put your hat in the ring. (In other words, how long will it take you to write a complete spec science fiction script to prove your genius expertise
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Craig Silverstein, NIKITA Showrunner, Tells All

For reasons beyondeth our comprehensioneth, NIKITA is a huge hit with TVWriter™ visitors. We’ve even carried duplicate reviews of at least one episode because the guys really, really, really wanted to write about it. Which means you’d damn well better enjoy this:

Highlights of the discussion, courtesy of ClickClaque.Com:

  • Spills what happens in the first 5 minutes of season 3!
  • Status of the international nefarious organization that Percy worked for next season
  • Percy is dead. Roan? Have to listen for that answer.
  • “Hell hath no fury like an Amanda scorned.” — Amanda will be making Nikita suffer.
  • Decision to bring back Devon Sawa’s Owen.
  • Nikita’s new life.
  • Season long arc is Amanda. Love and sex arcs are larger this season. More standalone episodes.
  • Influences for the show from TV and movies.
  • Who is going to be the first to rebel against working for “the man?” Nikita!
  • Relationships that will be driving the story.

For more about season three of Nikita watch ClickClaque’s read more