How to Make Great TV or, You Know, Die Trying (Yikes!)

Finding a fascinating primer on TV writing and production while skimming through the interwebs made our week. There’s a lot of meat in this stew, so without further ado:

We meant to run this pic last Monday – on “Loyalty Day” – but it fits better here…or does it?

“We’re creating a world that feels true”
by Caroline Framke

To truly understand the phrase “controlled chaos,” you should consider crashing the set of a television show.

It’s my first day on the set of The Americans, FX’s stellar Cold War spy drama. On this frigid November morning, I step into a nondescript Brooklyn warehouse and am immediately whisked through a labyrinth of endless hallways, half-assembled sets, crowds of crew members jostling around a catered lunch. I grab some food, turn around, and immediately run into series star Matthew Rhys. He’s laughing with the crew, so fresh off filming that he still has wig clips embedded in his curly hair. read article