AMERICAN ODYSSEY Co-Creator Tells “How I Made It In Hollywood”

That co-creator is Adam Armus, and we won’t kid ya – we’re all ears:

american_odyssey_adam_armusby Adam Armus

I started off as a lawyer. I grew up in New Jersey, went to school in Chicago and then went to UCLA law school. I was always a big TV fan, and I always wrote, so it was in my blood already then, but I got a job as a lawyer.

I worked at a really large law firm, and I worked with this particular lawyer. We would talk about television — about stories, about good episodes, shows that I liked. We had a conversation once when he asked what’s my dream job. At the time, I said, “Well, being a lawyer is great!” but he persisted, “No, really?” I told him that it would be to write for television. He said, “Well, you ever think about trying to do that?” read article