You Too Can Binge-Watch the Complete BULLET IN THE FACE

Bullet-in-the-Face…Cuz Alan Spencer’s cult classic cable series is now available for all sorts of legal home viewing uses thanks to those Masters of Taste, the good folks at Shout! Video.

We’re talking about the series that was so out that, so cutting edge, so dystopian, ultra-noir, violent, dangerous, threating, and just plain funny that the very network it was made for tried to suppress it. (No, we wont mention the names of those cowards. Screw  ’em.)

TVWriter™ buddy Alan Spencer, the creator of another classic series, SLEDGE HAMMER, went all out with this one, gathering a cast that included Max Williams (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), Neil Napier (RIDDICK), Jessica Steen (NCIS, old-timers, so watch this), Kate Kelton (HAVEN), Eddie Izzard (OCEAN’S THIRTEEN among others), Eric Roberts (THE DARK KNIGHT and police blotters in some very interesting places), and multitudes of other great talents. And Alan himself gets to sit in the big arm chair and do the kind of audio commentary that rips our culture a new one. read article

Alan Spencer: This Business We Call the Biz

Alan Spencer Capture

Alan Spencer is a genuinely cool guy. He’s the creator of the cult classic late ’80s TV comedy SLEDGE HAMMER! and the all-too-obscure IFC series BULLET IN THE FACE, and those are just for starters

In other words, not only is he a cool guy, he’s a funny one too. Occasionally, though, he gets a bit serious. Like here: read article

Eddie Izzard Talks About BULLET IN THE FACE

…Which we love because the series is created/produced by Alan Spencer, whom we would swear is the reincarnation of Mel Brooks except that Mel Brooks is still incarnate. (Actually, Alan is cooler than Mel Brooks, but let’s get back to Eddie:)

Eddie Izzard Talks Snow Globes, Sex with Trees and Finding the Truth in His Outlandish Villain in IFC’s New Miniseries “Bullet in the Face” – by Danny Bowes read article


Just, you know, musing.

For those not quite in the know: Alan Spencer, TVWriter™ and LB buddy, created/wrote/produced both series. You’ve missed your chance at first-run SLEDGEHAMMER, but BULLET IN THE FACE debuts on IFC next month. read article