Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 7/11/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Graydon Sheppard & Kyle Humphrey (NEWBS) have made a deal with Style Media to develop their Twitter/Web series, SH*T GIRLS SAY, for Style Network, an NBCUniversal production company. (To which we can only add, “See, you lazy motherfuckers? Your insane interweb ideas can get you the love and money you want, you just have to, you know, write the damn things!” Yep, that’s what we say.)
  • John McLaughlin (THE BLACK SWAN) has written the pilot for a drama series to be based on James Patterson‘s book series, PRIVATE, and some actor name of Robert De Niro is pitching it all over town. (Well, actually, Bobby isn’t the one who does the pitches. His genius – we mean it – production partner, Jane Rosenthal, handles that end of things, which means you can bank on getting to see the series on the air somewhere important soon.)
  • Nigel Trantor’s historical novels about Scottish heroes William Wallace and Robert the Bruce are being adapted into a miniseries for Discovery Channel. No word on the writer, so have your people talk to Discovery’s people ASAP. (And if you know Ridley Scott and/or David W. Zucker, who are executive producers of the project, well, that can’t hurt, can it?)
  • Michael Green (HEROES) is adapting Alan Moore‘s LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN series of graphic novels into a series for Fox Network. (The good news: It’s bound to be better than the feature film version. The bad news: Nobody’s telling us how Alan Moore feels about this project.)

See the 1st Film of Alan Moore’s Work That He Approves Of – His Own

It’s called JIMMY’S END and is “a film by Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins.”

Jimmy'sEnd trailer

TVWriter™’s boss, Larry Brody, calls this “a cross between Fellini, John Osborne, and Rossellini, if none of these men had a sense of humor.” Does that mean he didn’t like it? “Not at all. I think it comes very close to actually being good in a way no film has been good since the death of Ingmar Bergman. I just wish it didn’t keep proclaiming its self-importance over and over and over again.” read article