Successful Self Promotion for Screenwriters

Another astonishingly helpful article for new screen (and of course TV) writers from the blog. We don’t expect to hear any complaining about how difficult it is to get started in showbiz after you read these open, honest, and knowledgeable words.

by Daniela McVicker

It’s not uncommon to dream about becoming a screenwriter. You see your words and ideas come to life on TV and movie screens worldwide. That’s fascinating. Have fun with it and never let go! However, Hollywood has changed in the past years, so screenwriters have to know how to promote themselves. If you don’t have an agent or a manager to help you out, then it might be difficult to establish yourself as a successful professional. You’ll have to do everything on your own. Likely, the digitalized world has dozens of opportunities for self-promotion. You just need to develop a strategy and that’s what this guide is all about.

Yes, All Screenwriting Is Marketing

In the old days, all you had to do was to write a good script. Now, all that has changed. You’re your own advocate, marketer, and promoter. Your writing may be authentic, but that’s not how you stand out. You must sell and share to see your work on screen. You’re promoting yourself as a screenwriter, and you’re promoting a script. Put it simply, you need to treat your writing like a business.

One Great Screenplay Doesn’t Guarantee You’ll Make It

Studios, producers, not to mention agencies, receive plenty of scripts. To go through these countless submissions, they hire professional script readers. It’s their job to figure out which writers have potential. Maybe you’ve got a great script. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. It’s no guarantee that you’re going to make it as a screenwriter. What you do after you finish writing matters more.

Having an effective, well-crafted action plan is just as important as writing an original work. Now that you know the importance of self-promotion, get to work. Keep in mind that people are tough to impress and, quite often, screenwriters get ignored. If you want to get attention with upfront value, keep this in mind.

Define Yourself As A Screenwriter. That’s Now Your Self-Image

If you’ve continued to read this, it means that you’ve got an inner fire that needs tending. Or perhaps you just need to hush those voices whispering in your head. Either way, you’re a writer….

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