Stuff on the Web We should’ve Reposted Here But Screwed Up & Didn’t – Part 2

Some recent articles on TV, TV writing, and the TV biz that we regret not posting earlier. But here they are now.

Well, the opening paragraphs anyway:

Rod Serling’s First TV Drama Aired Here 65 Years Ago



Rod Serling’s first Cincinnati TV drama, “The Keeper of the Chair,” aired on WKRC-TV’s “The Storm” drama series 65 years ago, on July 10, 1951.

Serling was a staff writer at competitor WLW, where he wrote for TV and radio sitcoms, travel shows, documentaries, “Midwestern Hayride” and other lighter programs. So he started writing for “The Storm,” a live weekly drama produced by Taft Broadcasting’s WKRC-TV in the Taft family’s Cincinnati Times-Star newspaper building at 800 Broadway.

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Brian Michael Bendis’ Scarlet Series Heads to HBO!


Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev‘s Icon Comics series is heading to the small screen as Bendis himself revealed today that a Scarlet series is in the works at HBO.

“I do a book called ‘Scarlet’ which is soon to be announced also in our universe of television,” Deadline reports Bendis as having announced today at the ATX Television Festival.“Not announced yet, but HBO.”

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Creators of popular media are becoming increasingly wary of their fans


For the past couple of months, I’ve been up to my ears in death.

This spring saw a huge groundswell of fan outcry over queer women dying on television. In March, The CW’s apocalyptic drama The 100 killed off gay commander Lexa in a disappointingly clichéd way, setting off a chaotic onslaught of furious fans storming social media with passionate pleas for the show’s writers to do better.

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‘The Nightly Show’s Robin Thede Calls for Writers’ Room Diversity: “We Must Do Better”


The Nightly Show writer and performer Robin Thede has an excellent Lenny Letteressay out this week called “On Making the TV Writers’ Rooms More Diverse,” and it should be required reading for anyone interested in writing for television, and even more importantly, the TV writers and producers currently in charge of hiring new talent. Thede wrote the essay in support of a New York tax credit proposed by the Writers Guild of America, which would incentivize shows to hire more women and minorities on their writing staffs

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