Starting a Writing Career? Here are Some Things You Need to Know

Here’s a fascinating article by a new writer that we here at TVWriter™ think should be on the must-read list for every aspirant in just about any field we can think of:

Dreaming Vs. Living the Dream: 3 Things I have learned from the past 3 years
by Dilpreet

It’s been about three years and two months since I last wrote on my blog… Wow! A big well done to me for neglecting the FootprintsInButter blog, I do apologise blog… But in these last three years I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from life, people, digging deep, my persistence and my results.

So I thought, since I’ve missed 3 years of filling you in on my writing and puppetry, that I would share 3 valuable lessons I’ve learnt from the last three years:

  1. Unbelievable amount of determination & a vision.

This first one is vital for everyone who starts out with a dream or just a simple thought. For me, I always see my future and dreams as pictures in my mind. I sometimes like to draw them out as well as writing them down. However, one dream I had as a 20 year old emerged when I entered a writing competition.

I found out that I had made the short list for a children’s TV writing contest and I was super excited. I remember standing by my bed imagining a canvas, with a printed image of my puppets-my characters-and I posing for an official photo, hanging above my bed. The thought of seeing my words come to life as a puppet show was so exciting, I couldn’t wait for the results!

I didn’t make the finals, but hope was not lost, I continued to compete in competitions and didn’t look back. Little did I know that when I was 20 I had a small dream and one day when I turned 25 I would actually see that canvas-dream come half-true…

Half, since I haven’t written a children’s TV puppet show…yet.

However, I was blessed enough to see a Muppet dressed as me appear on TV alongside Cookie Monster. That was an unbelievable day in real life and seeing that scene on the TV screen too! That image had to go on the wall… The canvas-dream was just a small thought but the reality I got about 5 years later was larger than life and far from a dream, it was a fantasy-dream that actually became a reality.

This experience showed me that even the crazy-impossible IS possible with faith, work and a vision to start it all off with!

  1. Being a living example to yourself of the impossible.

What I have learned from the last three years is how each time I’ve written out a Disney-dream-plan or a goal I have eventually managed to smash them. That’s a pretty satisfying feeling and I wish it for everyone. However, it’s not just about ticking things off the list, it’s about growing, progressing as a person, as a soul. Building yourself up so that when your time comes, you’re ready and you are the person you need to be. Understand yourself, be so sure of yourself that no one, no negativity, nothing, can touch your core. Know yourself.

Also from spending time on self-awareness you also see how giving to others around you is a beautiful thing, and how when you nurture a dream with positivity you spread that positivity around you too….


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