Starting a Video Company On a Shoestring Budget

We’ve seen quite a few articles on how to start your own video company, but this is the best so far. Why? Because it goes into the deets, that’s why. Witnesseth:

by James Matthews

Starting a video production company is hard work and anyone who says otherwise is more than likely a better business person than I was many years ago.

At the time I was confident in my skills but it’s not until you go out on your own that you realise there are many skills that you don’t have.

Thankfully these skills can be picked up along the way, but for me having to figure them out on my own was difficult and in some instances costly. For this reason, this is an article I would have liked to have read many years ago on how to start a video production company.

Name and LLC

This was the first thing that I set up when starting my own company and in my opinion, it was a mistake to do so because depending on the country or state you are living it you then have to register for all kinds of services.

For example, you may need a business banking account and business insurance which is an expense you can do without when you don’t have any money coming in.

I would wait to set up your limited liability company (LLC) until you have some of the other steps in this article sorted out. With that said depending on where you live you will need to register one within a certain number of days after you start trading.

The same applies to hiring new staff members, all new staff members have to be reported to your state’s new hiring office within 20 days of employment.

Creating an LLC for your business can be complex so if you can afford it you can pay a company to set one up for you.

When registering your company it’s important not to infringe on others copyrights so use a website such as to find registered trademarks….


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