How, in this day and age, can somebody not be familiar with STAR TREK? That’s gotta be a totally invalid premise, right?

But here’s what life has been like recently for somebody for whom the question, “WTF? STAR TREK?” was absolutely real:

star-trek-tos-cast-standingby Mark Alan Fishman

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to give myself the night off. And in doing so, I granted myself the ability to indulge in a previously DVR’ed movie stolen during a free weekend some time ago. That movie was The Green Hornet by way of Seth Rogan. It was, to date, the worst adaptation I’d personally seen of a comic book(esque) character in a movie. The flick was so god awful, I spent the following evening searching for something to wash my mind out. And there, stuck in a marathon of its brethren, a movie I knew was a sure-thing.

The Wrath of Khan was to my knowledge a near-universally beloved film of nerdtopia. Furthermore, I’d never seen it. (Gasp). Surely this shining beacon of Trekkie culture would cure my explosion-riddled mind from the misadventures of Kato and Bro-Hornet. My fellowComicMixers… set your phasers to stunned. I loved it.

I loved every minute of it. And truly, that is saying something. I am by all accounts not a Trekkie. That being said, I’m not completely ignorant of the brand either. In my short time on this blue ball, I’ve watched dozens of episodes of Next Generation, a handful ofVoyagers, a pair of Deep Space Nines (and, heck, I actually saw the one with the Borgs), and the 2009 Abrams’ flick in theater. But the original crew? My only exposure prior to Wrath was an old X-Men/Star Trek crossover comic book from 1996, purchased mainly as a joke. I tried, once, to watch the original series on TV. I was aghast at the production values (forgive me, I was but a child of 24 or 25 at the time). So, to go into this movie as cold as a Bantha on Hoth (I bet that’s pissin’ a few of you off…), I had expected to hate the movie.

Yet something clicked. Immediately after absorbing the film, I went to YouTube to digest the original appearance of Khan in the episodeSpace Seed. I also set my DVR to record the once-a-week rerun of the retro-upgraded Original Series on cable. Subsequent discussion with actual Trekkies gave me insight as to why I’d suddenly become enthralled in the series. I discovered that one of the motifs of the show was the war of morals versus logic. Bones vs. Spock, with Captain Kirk in the middle.

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  1. It’s interesting, in all its iterations from the original television series to action films by J.J. Abrams cooler than anything you’ve ever seen and everything else in between over the decades, not to mention the popularity of “Big Bang Theory” and Sheldon, it’s still “geeky” to like “Star Trek,” everyone always hesitates to say in a conversation that they like it or have even seen it. But like everyone who says, “I don’t watch TV, I don’t even have a television in my house,” someone must be watching, because the box office numbers and ratings don’t lie. Well they lie a little, but not enough to be off by absolutely everyone.

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