Roger Corman’s Quarantine Film Festival

Master filmmaker Roger Corman, who has discovered more film talent – writer, directors, actors, set designers, the works – than anybody else we can think of, is looking to discover another star – an indie filmmaker who can make everybody who sees their work go “Wow!” even when it’s shot while social distancing at home.

Even munchman’s gonna take a stab at this one. How about you?

by William Hughes

Few living people embody the spirit of independent film-making better than Roger Corman, a man who never let anything—finances, legal obstructions, basic cinematic practicalities—stop him from popping out movies on a frankly unprecedented scale. (There’s a reason the man’s got 415 production credits and counting listed on IMDB.) Now, in the wake of the COVID-mandated shutdown of the Hollywood system he spent his life working on the outer fringes of, Corman is hoping to impart a little of that “Fuck it, we’ve got a camera, let’s do this” spirit to internet filmmakers, too, announcing the first (and hopefully last) Corman Quarantine Film Festival on social media [recently]….

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