“Rick And Morty” Season 3 Looks to be Better Than Ever


Rick And Morty has been one of TVWriter™’s favorite comedies since its debut back in the days when Co-Producer/Writer/Creator Dan Harmon was nursing his wounds from being fired from a little show you might remember called Community.

We just spotted this preliminary footage from Season 3:

Oh, the writing! The beautiful fucking writing!

And if it sounds even better in the clip than it did last season, the could be because, according to Harmon via Den of Geek:

We hired a bunch of new writers. There was a craving for a gender balance in the writers’ room that we had never had, but I’m also very proud of the fact that we didn’t compromise ourselves following that craving. We just looked harder and I don’t know if it was coincidence or because the show was popping up on the radar of a lot of great female writers noticing, ‘Well, they don’t have any women writers in there. I’m gonna submit something.’ It was probably a combination of all those factors.

And lest anybody have forgotten the writing from last year:

Okay, so maybe we’re a bit biased, but still – who’s a’thunk that a character named Poopy Butthole could have such smooth dialog sliding right out his…well, you know…mouth, right? Mouth!

Know all those people on Facebook who post about how blessed they are? Well, this TVWriter™ minion feels truly blessed just thinking about what’s in store when Rick And Morty returns.