Rerun Century is the Classic TV Site We’ve Been Looking For
Free Videos and Twentieth Century Television

We got this email just the other day and found it fascinating:

Dear TVWriter™,

I run a site documenting free classic TV videos in the public domain. The videos are those in the massive catalog at Internet Archive. Videos are browsable by title chronologically and by genre, with thumbnails & episode summaries. EZ to binge-watch the classics!

Over 170 shows + over 1,300 classic episodes are indexed, including rarities.
No registration, no video advertising. All available free.

Bob Poulson

We’ve checked out the site, and it’s loaded with links to TV shows from the 1950s through the 1990s.

Basically, it’s an index to the  Internet Archive Moving Image Library Classic TV Sub-Collection. This means that the files have been virus-checked (although you should still scan everything before you open it cuz you can never be too, you know, clean) and that after downloading or streaming you won’t be receiving any valid “we gotcha now pay up” blackmail letters from the various trolls licensed by certain TV and film studios.

All in all, everything seems to be on the up and up at Rerun Century. The selection is excellent, and the Internet Archive makes it easy to embed material on your website if you want to. We’ll probably take them up on that embedding thing someday. Meanwhile – as in on this day – TVWriter™ would like to thank Bob Poulson for all his work, and for contacting us about it. What a great find.


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