Prominent fortune cookie writer retiring due to writer’s block

Not a Wonton Food Inc fortune cookie, just a sort of clever facsimile

by TVWriter™ Press Service

Word has it that the United States’ pre-eminent fortune cookie writer has retired, and it’s all because of a case of writer’s block.

According to Channel 25, the ABC network affiliate in Waco, TX:

Donald Lau has worked at Wonton Food Inc. for 30 years as both a fortune writer and chief financial officer.  But he’s retiring from at least one of his roles after a linguistic dry spell.

“I have writer’s block. I used to write 100 a year, but I’ve only written two or three a month over the past year,” Lau told Time.

But hungry diners across the country need words of affirmation, life-guiding wisdom and the occasional lotto number sequence.

So, Lau wrote himself out of the job by training a replacement. James Wong, 43, is now chief fortune writer for the company.

“I passed the pen to him,” he said. “It’s his responsibility now.”

The Channel 25 article goes on to let us know that the good news for Lau and his family is that the blocked writer is holding onto his CFO gig and will continue overseeing the production of a staggering – to us anyway because what do we know? – 4 and a half million fortune cookies a day.

That’s it, kids. Let this be a lesson in The Vulnerability of Writers – All Writers.

God, we hope this story is true!

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