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This week’s collection of recent articles from other websites about TV, TV writing, etc., etc., etc. The plan here is for you to click on their headlines and visit the sites and read the posts in full…and is anybody asks, tell ’em TVWriter™ sentcha, okay?

Meet Noah Hawley: ‘Fargo’ Showrunner And FX’s Insanely Productive Power Producer
by Orianna Schwindt


Noah Hawley is an unassuming sort of guy, the kind of middle-aged white dude you pass in the grocery store without a second glance. He has two little kids in tow, the eyes of someone sleep-deprived — who isn’t these days? — a shirt collar slightly torn (or maybe it’s supposed to look that way) and sometimes glasses.

To look at him, you might not guess he’s one of the most in-demand writers of the day. Books, TV series, movies — you name it, Hawley is doing it….

by Kayla Cobb



Comedy is in a beautifully weird place when it comes to modern day television. The sad-com — comedies that have dramatic roots and unblinkingly confront heavy issues such as depression and divorce — have been on the rise, and one of the most tonally confusing comedies around is Hulu’s Casual. Structured and cast as a comedy series,Casual unflinchingly looks at the complicated relationships of its dimensional characters and how sex affects each of them….

On Making the TV Writers’ Rooms More Diverse
by Robin Thede


I’m a black, female late-night comedy writer. Stop laughing, I’m serious. We exist.

We’re just super-rare. Like a helpful comment on a YouTube video. According to a recent Complex article, out of 155 writers currently working on the top-ten late-night shows, there are only EIGHT women of color. That’s about 5 percent. We MUST do better….

Finishing Something Is Better Than Waiting to Avoid a Mistake
by Eric Ravenscraft


Putting off a project until you have all the details right seems like common sense. If you only feel that hesitation because you’re afraid to make a mistake, though, you’ll never actually finish.

As business site Entrepreneur explains, fear of mistakes leads to inaction. If you can’t finish a project until it’s flawless, you’ll never finish anything. Believing that you can actually avoid all mistakes is a delusion. Learn to accept that you’re going to screw up sometimes and pull the metaphorical trigger anyway….