People Ask Why LB Lives in Port Townsend, WA

Port Townsend’s historic Ann Starrett Mansion, which we keep trying to buy to no avail because – yes, it’s true – yours truly LB is about as cheap as people come.

by Larry Brody

Yes, it’s true. A lot of people ask me why I live where I do.

Not why I left L.A., oh no, most people seem to get that, but why this particular place on the northeastern tip of the geographical area known as the Pacific Northwest.

There are a lot of reasons, of course. It was a very complex decision and wasn’t made in a vacuum. Gwen the Beautiful and I shared in the process and its result, just as we’ve shared everything during our 25+ year marriage.

One of these days I’ll get around to posting more details about how our lives in Port Townsend and environs came to be, but for now, here’s a pretty good intro to the area and its attitudes, direct from one of our local newspapers. Enjoy:

New postmaster tells of letters, packages and the uniqueness of Port Townsend Post Office
by Jeannie McMacken

The Port Townsend Post Office on Washington Street is jumping this time of year as thousands of packages, cards and special deliveries are handled every day.

Mary Jane Duff, who has been acting postmaster and supervisor since February, was promoted to postmaster last week. Larry Dekker, who was Port Townsend’s postmaster, was transferred to the Port Hadlock station.

Duff and her 36 employees are up to their elbows in packages and letters these days, with volumes about three times as heavy as at any other time of year.

Duff, who has been with the postal service for 24 years, is no stranger to the North Olympic Peninsula. She has worked in Port Angeles as a letter carrier and clerk, and in Sequim as a clerk.

“I started out as a postmaster relief in a little mountain town, Angeles Oaks near Big Bear in California,” she said.

“I worked 10 hours a week. Then I was hired on as a data conversion operator and keyed address information that machines couldn’t read. Those wonderful bar codes you see on your letters is what I did for four years.”

She also was a city carrier job in Banning, Calif., for 14 years.

In 2010, she sought a transfer to the Port Townsend area to be closer to her parents.

Her recent duties included being postmaster in the Quilcene Post Office with four employees. With her new position in Port Townsend, she’s relinquished that responsibility and the postal service is seeking a replacement.

Duff said Port Townsend has handled 18,000 presorted letters just for city carriers this week….

Read it all at Peninsula Daily News


Author: LB

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