Peggy Bechko’s World of Writing Experts – Who Do You Trust?


by Peggy Bechko

If you’re a writer, particularly a new writer, you’re probably looking for a little help, some hints on how to improve things, how to be your best in the venue you’ve chosen whether it’s novels, scripts, articles or whatever.

And, there are a lot of experts out there who say they want to help whether for pay or bloggers who put the info out there, and a lot of them DO want to help. Some just want the money you might pay for a class or for ‘coaching’, but they’re a whole ‘nother breed and we aren’t talking about them here.

So, assuming the ones who want to help are your peeps, which one of (or group) of well-meaning folks should you believe?

Pretty much all of them.

Or maybe none of them.

Let me explain. I’ve had some wonderful teachers/mentors. They’ve helped greatly in my writer’s path, but it’s sort of like a gumbo soup. Along the road of learning writers have to become like master chefs, throwing everything into the pot. The fact of the matter is to copy what a mentor has explained/demonstrated, is not to create on your own.

Get where I’m going here? One may contribute a lot, another just a bit of spice, but it all comes together to form something new and in the end what you, as writer, do is to create something entirely new.

I’ve said it before in this blog and in my own blog, the goal is to grab the reader by the eyeballs and throat so there is no other choice but to finish reading what you, as writer, have written. You must keep them turning the pages.

Don’t ever let a writing expert tell you you’re right or wrong when it comes to the resources you turn to in order to write or the process you utilize to create your final script or novel. There is no one right way to write. There is form and format and the cleanest way to present your work with optimal chance at acceptance and success, but how you journey as a writer is based on the choices you make for yourself and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

So, here’s the thing. When some writing expert, script or novel, wants to crush you into a single box and convince you there’s one way to do it and it’s his/her way, straighten your spine and walk away.

But, when you choose to take classes, consult with consultants, buy books, find a mentor who really clicks, then look for those nuggets or even boulders of information and insight that you can stash away to use in your own fashion.

What resonates with one writer may not with another. Or it may be a certain project during which a tidbit resonates so loudly within that it breaks down barriers. Books, courses, helpers, they’re all tools and it’s up to you to put them to use. If you pick up even one bit and it propels your writing abilities and career forward, it’s worth it in time and money.

An expert’s advice is not to be copied, but rather to inspire your writing to new heights, to help knock off the rough edges, to help you see more clearly so you can grab those readers by the eyeballs.

Weed through advice, whether from books, courses or teachers, evaluate and make what is useful your own.


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