Peggy Bechko’s World of Free Resources for Writers & Readers

by Peggy Bechko

I admit, usually I try to pry writers off the net, off the computer, except for a good word processor or scriptwriting program. You know, a blank screen and all that. Get the juices flowing and for God’s sakes write something!

Well, yeah, that’s good – most of the time. I’m not backing off. BUT, and it’s a big but, there are times when we writers just need to read. Maybe we need to do some research. Maybe we just need to relax. Maybe we just have a curiosity that could lead to a story.

Whatever the reason, the plain fact is writers must read. A lot.

Another fact is, writers frequently are broke. Certainly at least the ones who are just beginning, or doing it in their spare time until such time as they can make a living writing.

So, this go round I’m going to share with you some sites where the book downloads are free. And they’re not just fiction downloads, though some of those can be very good as well.

Nope, these sites include things like reference books, papers, maybe magazine, text books, that fiction I mentioned and some even provide links to more sites with more free e-books.

Yes, there’s a lot of ‘junk’ out there, but if you pay attention and are selective it’s possible to find gems without spending too much time doing it.

So read, my brothers and sister of the page, read!

In no particular order of preferen:

Free – i.e. Free Ebooks for Life!

There’s a sign up requirement but it’s free and you can either fill out their form or sign up through Facebook. They offer quite a ‘library’ from fiction, non-fiction, academic texts and audio books. I’ve poked around here more than once. This one is very well organized and pretty easy to browse categories and are presented in list form.

Get Free EBooks

It’s not quite a straight-forward to navigate as the first one above, but it certainly isn’t difficult either. They offer an assortment of fiction, nonfiction, etc. And be advised, some turn up as ‘no good’ (as in you can’t download it and that’s their message) and I’ve spotted a couple that were done in a video format as in text that displays on a screen via YouTube. Still, again, worth a quick swing through if you’re looking for something to read.

It’s pretty easy to navigate and offers a wide variety. There are classics to download as well if that’s your thing. Many are also available in a number of languages – just click “languages: on the site navigation bar to get a list.

The Online Books Page

The site is pretty bare bones, but it’s interesting. You can search the site in a variety of ways and what I find fascinating is they frequently come up with very old texts that have been put online for free access. These can generate some fun story ideas. They draw from many sources.

For example, there was a pamphlet available lately from the US Library of Medicine digital collection titled – “Man and woman their own doctor, or, a salve for every sore: being a book full of rare receipts for the most dangerous distempers incident to the bodies of men, women, and children : and very fit to be in all families, in this crasie, sickly, and bad times : gathered out of the library of that famous traveller, Docter Ponteous ; and now published for the good, and benefit of all people whatsoever” published in London in 1676.”


The Bottom Line:

When you feel the need to read. These can be pretty good resources. I’d recommend using a bit of free time to explore these free sites and trim the time needed to find what you need at a later date.

Hope the sites are helpful for explorer-readers everywhere. Enjoy!

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