Peer Production: THE LOUISE LOG: Setbacks and Years Of Writing, Finally the Web Opens The Door

We find the web series, THE LOUISE LOG fascinating and keep meaning to write about it. Looks like Chris Hadley beat us to it.


But this is definitely worth reading and being inspired by:

by Chris Hadley

Morgan-Hallett-300x300Being a loving wife and mother is a joy, but it doesn’t come without its own share of responsibilities and concerns. With that being said, one can only wonder just what goes through the mind of such a woman throughout the course of a day. Along with the tasks of taking care of children and being a faithful spouse, every day delivers something new and unexpected. In the acclaimed comedy web series THE LOUISE LOG, that world is seen through the eyes and mind of a New Yorker who experiences both the mundane and the outrageous every day – and whose inner voice delivers a hilarious running commentary throughout.

Now entering its third season, THE LOUISE LOG will air new episodes on the last Thursday of each month on its official web site and Youtube page (see links below) with supplemental material airing on the other Thursdays. The first of these aired on January 30th, 2014, and can be viewed at the embedded link below.

Written, produced and directed by Anne Flournoy, THE LOUISE LOG debuted on December 31, 2007 and has achieved enormous popularity and acclaim while winning such notable fans as the late, legendary film critic Roger Ebert, and famed playwright Eve Ensler (THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES).

The series stars Morgan Hallett (taking over for Christine Cook who played the role in the first 2 seasons) as Louise, a harried former sculptor who gave up her dreams of an artistic career to take care of her husband, ex-musician turned music store shopkeeper Phineas (Joseph Franchini) and their two children. (Note: Although 17 episodes aired in each of the first two seasons, Flournoy says there’s no word on exactly how many will air this season.)

Making things even more complicated for them are Phineas’ oddball father Ethelred (Everett Quinton), and his ‘assistant’, Queen Elizabeth (Danusia Trevino), who proves to be just as wacky as Phineas is. Rounding out the cast is Jennifer Sklias-Gahan as Louise’s gorgeous, often narcissistic and extremely flirtatious sister Ava, a woman who not only gets around with men and women, but also takes full advantage of Louise and Phineas’ hospitality by taking up space in their home – and making both of their lives miserable in the process. All of this takes place as seen (and heard) from Louise’s perspective, which proves to be as funny as the awkward moments she experiences over the course of each episode.

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