Peer Production: BAD TIMING

How to sit back, relax, and enjoy the Apocalypse.

THE GOOD: This is the best web series about the end of the world evah.

THE GOODER: Funny as hell.

See what we mean:

Oh, and if you like BAD TIMING as much as the TVWriter™ minions do, check out its Indiegogo page and contribute to the future of…the girl of the hero’s dreams. “And if there’s time…humanity.”

And now for this absolutely unbiased appraisal of the series, provided by its, um, creator:

BAD TIMING. It’s a geekier version of THE WALKING DEAD, if the show had been written by a young Woody Allen and never featured zombies. Nina Terrero from Entertainment Weekly called it, “her new obsession”, “the best zombie webseries everrr”, and one of the “coolest, quirkiest, and absolute weirdest new web series”. Geeked Out Nation said it “leaves you wanting more”, “its possibilities are endless”, and “you definitely want to watch.” Tubefilter called it “far from your typical zombie series” where the “smart script takes center stage.”