Time to get all googly over this excellently written and show female superhero series which starts off with a neat little ep about a female superhero trying to sell a series about…well, you get the idea. And, in case you don’t:

Directed by: Jeff Kornberg
Written by: Jordan Zakarin
Created by: Jordan Zakarin & Ali Vingiano

Angelfire: Ali Vingiano []
Exec 1: Taylor Newhall []
Assistant Exec: Ross Luippold []
Exec 2 (“China”): Cory Palmer []
Exec 3 (“Justice is a bitch”): Jeff Kornberg
Pizzaboy: Joshua Friedman
Robber: Jordan Zakarin [}
Girl getting robbed: Anna Taberski []
Girl in park: Itsy Rivera

Director of Photography: Sean Ryan
Produced by: Jordan Zakarin & Ali Vingiano
Costume Designer: Jillian Nguyen
Edited by: Blake Stilwell
Music by: Danny Greene