Now There’s an App for Table Reads

We at TVWriter™ , especially those of us working on our own shows, think this is fantastic. (Shows what dreary lives we writers really lead, yeah?)

What? You don’t know what a table read is? Not to worry – you will. And when you need it, this will be there:

Yeppers, this is SW: EP 7. The table read!
Yeppers, this is SW: EP 7. The table read!

by Johnathan Paul

No matter if you’re working on a feature film or an industrial video, you’re going to need a script. Before going into any type of production, you always want to get your actors together to go over the script. You’ve got to have everyone on the same page.

This rehearsal is called a table read and (as a director) I require this before any shoot because it allows me to work through the characters with the actors. But sometimes I like to go through the script with my fellow scriptwriter before we even proceed with the table read. Usually this means we sit in my office and go through the script line after line. But now there is a app on the horizon that will allow us to do that with multiple voice actors.

AppCoustic has created a new app called tableread that does exactly as the name suggests. As a screenwriter or director you can use tableread to review and voice act your script before you meet with your cast. This is really helpful because it allows you to sit back and review rather than try to perform the script, which I’ve done several times before going into a table read.

Currently the tableread app is only available on iOS devices, but an Android version is coming soon.

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