Newswriter-Producer Wanted at ABC


WABC, ABC’s New York-based flagship station has an opening for a freelance newswriter-producer. Here’s the skinny:

WABC-TV is looking for a highly motivated freelance writer/producer with a varied skill set for a highly competitive, high pressure environment. You must have outstanding news judgment, be able to pitch great story ideas and have a great production sense. Candidate should be active on social media and understand how to leverage those platforms for stories. You should also be able and willing to shoot and edit some of your own video. You must work well with reporters, assignment editors, and other writers and producers. Outstanding copy editing skills are necessary.

Experience writing for and producing a newscast in a major market is required. Applicants who have not produced a television newscast in a major market will not be considered. To apply please send resume to

This one’s the real deal. For more info, email WABC at

But no phone calls because if you called somebody would have to, like, answer, and use valuable time they could be web surfing to instead put you on hold.

As always, let us know if you pursue this so we can tell your inevitable success story!