Must Read! ‘5 Best Screenwriting Software Programs COMPARED’

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We get it—comparing all the best screenwriting software options out there can be overwhelming.

When each program has multiple cool-sounding features, different price points and different levels of usability, knowing which screenwriting software to choose can be super confusing.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you make up your mind which is the best screenwriting software for you. We’ll be breaking down and comparing each of the five biggest and best script writing software programs on the market. The five are:

  • Celtx
  • Fade In
  • Final Draft
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter
  • WriterDuet

There are of course more programs out there, but we think these are the five best screenwriting software options currently on the market. We’ll be assessing each under the following headings:

  • An overview of each movie script writing software
  • Products & prices
  • Compatibility with other operating systems and screenwriting software
  • 5 best features of each program
  • Pro screenwriters who use each screenwriting software

Hopefully, this will help you make your choice on which is the best screenwriting software choice for you. So let’s get started.

5 Best Screenwriting Software Programs: An Overview

Let’s kick off with a short introduction and some background information on each script writing software—i.e., who founded them, how long they’ve been around, what was the motivating factor in their development? etc….

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