munchman: The Best Batman Image Evah!

Can’t help myself. I love this gif:


Dunno what anybody else thinks it’s about. Or what the artist intended, but to me this is Bats as God, both caring and vengeful. I mean, I think that’s a tiny smile there at the corners of his Bat Mouth – but I can’t be sure.

The ambiguity is okay, though. Cuz when you’re searching for God you aren’t really supposed to understand what you find. Just ask Camus. Or Sartre. Or David Bowie. Or the doods that produced LOST.

While we’re at it, if anybody out there can tell us who created this masterpiece, let us know. You never know: You just might get a prize. (You definitely will get one. For reals.)

And now, back to the usual fare at TVWriter™!