munchman: Some Observations at the Start of the Fall 2016 Season

love & money
Yeppers, kids, muncho likes this pic from his old Love & $$$ column that here it is again. Waste not, want not. Hugs!

by munchman

Hold onto your valuables, gang, its trenchant observation time!

  1. Have you watched Fox’s new drama, Pitch, yet? Yer Friendly Neighborhood muncharino asks because he has – and has to tell you that this probably is the best bad TV show he’s ever seen. The premise is pure corn, the structure is solid soap, and absolutely nothing unexpected happens anywhere (although, lordy! how they try for that in the pilot), but the dialog is absolutely the best possible talk of any new series anywhere this season. A perfect example of good writers massaging the hell out of network-abused narrative. munchito suggest you all watch it – once.
  2. How about this for a stopper? NBC has announced that it’s going to bring us a “sexy” contemporary version of Dickens’ Oliver Twist, featuring a young female lead who “finally finds a true sense of family in a strange group of talented outcasts who use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals.” Jesus Fucking Christ, NBC, we know Dickens wrote for the masses, but this concept is pure messiness. Please, please, give el munchero the answer to the key question your announcement brings to mind: What the fuck are you smoking, dudes? (Which brings up a second query: Hope ya saved some for me.
  3. Just watched the premiere ep of something called This is Us, a sample of what NBC is sending out into the galaxy right now. Sorry, Executive Sweeters, but this ain’t about any “us” munchikins knows. And if this show does in fact reflect your own pasts, presents, and futures, well, now methinks I understand why you think your new take on Oliver Twist sounds okay.
  4. And then there’s Fox’s new TV version of Lethal Weapon. Did anybody involved in the development of this actually watch the original Shane Black-written film? Did I just hear somebody say, “Yes?” Okay – didja watch it with your eyes open and your ears unplugged? Didn’t think so.
  5.  So far, the munchman Cheesy TV Award for the new season goes to – Notorious. Hey, stars and crew of this botched bit of plastic script and production surgery, how does it feel to be so totally and irredeemably betrayed by whatever moron writes your checks?

Ah, nuthin’ like spreadin’ the joy. Seeya next week with more TV joy!