munchman sees MR. ROBOT

…And I love this show so much that I feel like I should disqualify myself from writing a review.

Fortunately, MR. ROBOT’s side is far from lacking adherents. In fact, I’ve only seen one review that knocked the show, and it was one that took exception not to the series but to the worldview it represented.

No, yer friendly neighborhood munchero isn’t going to reblog that review. Fuck ’em if they can’t stand the truth.

Here’s the munchman side, written not by moi but by a writer I’ve learned to respect a great deal. Mostly, I admit, because of this:

Robot1by Sandra Gonzalez

t’s not a world where you meet characters, and check in with the gang each week. It’s not a show that aims to be like any other technology-centered drama on TV.

And that’s exactly how creator Sam Esmail intended it to be.

Originally conceptualized as a movie, Esmail realized he had a TV show on his hands when writing the initial script. Then around page 90, it occurred to Esmail that he had not yet gotten past the first act of the story he wanted to tell.

Luckily, the timing was right for Mr. Robot — even mores o than Esmail could have predicted when he started writing the script.

Timing is everything

Just before Thanksgiving 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered an unprecedented hack on its technology systems. Highly damaging emails were leaked, confidential documents were made public, and like never before, lessons about the importance of technology security were learned.

Over at USA, Esmail had just turned in the pilot episode of Mr. Robot to executives.

It was the story of an emotionally, socially and psychologically troubled man named Elliot (Rami Malek), who works as cybersecurity expert by day, and turns into a hacking web vigilante of sorts at night. Elliot’s voice — full of paranoia and distrust — helps viewers navigate the world through his eyes, and at times, it is an unsettling ride.

Getting it right

USA held its first screening of Mr. Robot in March during South by Southwest in Austin; it was a time when TV shows with a technological twist were more prominent — and more criticized — than ever.

But the show, which got a Season 2 order from USA hours ahead of its premiere, received glowing reviews and won the SXSW Audience Award.

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