munchman: Back in the Saddle Again…Sorta

by munchman

munchmanavatarlgYer ever-lovin’ not-so-blue-eyed munchero here after a bit of an absence cuz our Beloved Leader LB cancelled the “Love & Money Dept,” my beloved series of posts about TV pilot writing deals.

Well, beloved by me anyway, even though it was, for reasons I just can’t wrap my ambidextrous tongue around, the least-read feature of TVWriter™ for the last 2 1/2 years.

But now I’m hoping for a comeback, this time as TVWriter™’s Weekend Editor. In case you’ve been wondering about the tone of yesterday’s posts here, this weekend is my try-out, so keep clicking, peeps. Build up those views. Get your friends to click too, so I can get me a mess o’Unique Visitors and show Larry B that I may not have anything to say nor be very good at not saying it, but the interwebs lurve, lurve, lurve me nevertheless–

What? Oh, trying to hard? Yeppers, I guess I am. But this is TVWriter™! We’re talking Big Time Gig. Great on the resume. Ya gotta help me here, kids.

“For the love of God, Montresor…!”

Let the weekend continue!


4 thoughts on “munchman: Back in the Saddle Again…Sorta”

  1. Hey Munchman,
    Will do. I loved the Love & Money Section. Part of the problem could’ve been: It’s a very short section so it’s unnecessary to click to read it and didn’t register as a unique view.
    Either way, looking forward to checking it out.

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