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LB’S NOTE: As you can see from today’s headline (title? whatever), we’re changing things up a bit today, using an algorithm based on articles posted within the last few weeks rather than during the virtual lifetime of our site so instead of seeing the usual old favorites you’re seeing what’s truly trending here.

In other words, yeppers, we’re trying to expand TVWriter™’s perspective by, um, narrowing it. Is this a good idea? Will it work for you? Please let us know.

Now, on with the show!

Good morning! Welcome to another new week at TVWriter™.  As usual, our day is beginning with a look at our most popular blog posts and resource pages during the last 7 days.

They are, in order:

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Big thanks to everybody for helping us have another terrific week at TVWriter™. Don’t forget to click above and read what you missed and re-read what you loved!

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