$3.9 Million Reasons Not to let Rejection Get You Down

Take a good look at the pic above by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Originally intended as the cover image for The Blue Lotus, the fifth book in Hergé’s Tintin series, the publisher rejected it because it would cost too much to reproduce.

Well, last week 85 years after the said publishers had it redrawn for publication, this painting –  complete with fold marks from being stored who knows where for over three quarters of a century, sold at a Paris auction for just a shade under $4,000,000.

Okay, so none of that four-ish mil went to Hergé, but the point remains: This was great art, and if its creator had given up and tossed it away or stopped painting, drawing, and writing, the world would have suffered a huge creative loss.

In other words, if you love and believe in something, don’t let anybody or anything take your enthusiasm away.

Great art for the win, kids. Wouldn’t you say?

Oh, here’s the cover that was published:

Cute, yeah?


More info is HERE

Author: LB

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