Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/30/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Noah Hawley (FARGO) has a new overall deal with FX for the usual developing/writing/producing stuff. (Cuz no boring, depressing, piece of crap show goes unrewarded, and Noah has given us a doozy in the painfully Coen-like FARGO. Congratulations, Noah!)
  • Josh Berman (DROP DEAD DIVA) also has a new overall deal, this one with Sony. (Cuz this being showbiz even the boring, depressing piece of crap show that is DROP DEAD DIVA can make a ton of $$$ for everybody involved. Does your Fabulous Munchkin sound bitter? That’s cuz this kind of thing proves that bitter is better, y’know?)
  • Mitch Hurwitz (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) also has gotten himself a new overall deal. (His is with Netflix, proving that even though his genius faltered a tad with the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Netflix, um, “return,” Mitch has more talent in his little toe than any other writer mentioned so far in today’s column.)
  • Comedy Central is moving its really cool web series hosted by Ari Shaffir, THIS IS NOT HAPPENING, to the channel itself. Which means that TV viewers will have the chance to hear some damn fascinating stories from Ari and his very funny – brilliantly funny, actually – buds.  (To which the munchman can only say, “Thank God! A reason to live after all!” Smart move, CC execs!)