Lionsgate, Idris Elba Announced TV Writing Competition Winner


The Winner of the first Write Green Light screenwriting competition, sponsored by Lionsgate UK and Idris Elba’s Green Door Pictures, is Matthew Kirton, with this script Sin of God.

As reported in Variety:

The contest was launched earlier this year in order to discover new writing talent in the U.K. Candidates were asked to present ideas for a returnable drama series. Kirton, who is unrepresented, will receive a paid development option with Green Door and Lionsgate UK, with a potential green-light option….

The three finalists were selected by an industry panel of producers, talent management and development executives, which included Elba, Kamasa, Amanda Davis, Damian Jones, Katie Swinden, Natasha Galloway, and Robert Taylor….

Kirton’s script is set in the U.K. in the near future, and centers on John Monaghan, a convicted murderer, who was executed for his crime, but comes back from the dead. Kirton said: “When I set out to write a story about a man coming back from the dead, I knew I wanted it to feel very real… I started off by thinking about what might actually happen if someone was to make that miraculous return. How would it be reported? How would people feel?”…

The other finalists were Ryan Brown with “We Are Your Children,” and Lauren Sequeira with “Cleo.” Brown’s script was based on a real-life pursuit of a serial killer who preyed on gay men in 1970s San Francisco. Sequeira’s story is based on a young woman fighting for power in the world of contemporary London gangs….

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TVWriter™ congratulates Matthew and the other finalists on a job well done!