Leesa Dean: Adventures of a Web Series Newbie #91


Chapter 91 – Next Steps
by Leesa Dean

Things are moving so quickly, not just on the personal front but in the world of web series/digital media.

First, tons of interesting and cool things going down on the web, including Discoverlaunching on Snapchat with partners Comedy Central, ESPN, CNN and more. This is the one I’m really keeping my eye on.  Mainly because I’m thinking of doing some promo on Snapchat for my new series.

Also, Hulu just picked up a few more shows from YouTubers Freedie Wong and Flama.  More instances where being online, staying consistent, not just with delivery of content, but also with your niche. For anyone out there thinking of launching a web series or show online, those are two biggies to keep in mind.

And the other thing that caught my eye was Russell Simmons’ interview about diversity in Variety. Aside from really speaking the truth about the diversity situation in Hollywood, he said something I’ve been saying for a while.  That creators need to forge their own paths.  Make things happen for themselves.  Then people/business/financing will come to them.  I believe that wholeheartedly.  And, I’m counting on it.

On the personal front, I’m nearly down writing all the episodes for the new series (whew!) and starting to focus more and more on promo.  Stacey, my former assistant who helped me online with Chilltown is graciously coming back to help with the social media aspects of my launch.  I showed her the scripts and she liked them so much she offered to come aboard, which was GREAT.  Not only because I really need the help, but because I completely trust her taste. Made me feel like I was going in the right direction.

She’s coming here next week and we officially start brainstorming.  It feels like it’s happening really quickly, I guess because I’ll be leaving the cushy/thorny womb of just writing scripts.

But I’m ready.

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