Leesa Dean: Adventures of a Web Series Newbie #88


Chapter 88: Hitting the Ground Running
by Leesa Dean

Happy New Year everybody.  I’m really looking forward to 2015.  A lot of exciting things happening.

I started off the year in a good way, meaning chilling a bit but mostly writing.  I connected with an old friend and we discussed some real building possibilities which I’m SUPER excited about.  It’s too soon to talk about them but if/when they progress, you’ll be hearing about it here first.

So, I did a lot of thinking over the holidays and really honed in on my strategizing.  Since I’m working on a number of projects I’m working on, I decided to actually lay out a time plan so I literally write/produce/promote one and once it’s off the ground, start on the next. Needless to say, the first one I’m focused on is the new and improved Lele Show.  I readjusted my plans for the show, tightened the writing and still have a bit more to finish.  I feel so good about what’s already in the can, it’s just a nice place to be.

I’m also focusing on promo. I don’t even have a launch date yet, but I’m spending just as much time putting promo game plans together as I am with the actual script writing.  I’ve written a lot quite a bit about this here, but the market is insanely glutted.  Gone are the days of just writing/producing a show and releasing it.  You have a have a game plan. And it’s tough to put one together in an environment that literally changes moment to moment.

Speaking of which, right before the holidays, I went to a party thrown by MCN Collective Digital.  Actually wrote a little about it on my last post. Wellllll, I was pretty surprised to read (literally a few days after the party) that Collective Digital is being sued by their biggest star, Dane Boedigheimer, aka The Annoying Orange (who’s been a huge YouTube sensation/success story for a while).  Seems Collective Digital hasn’t paid Dane any revenue generated from The Annoying Orange for months and they may be going out of business soon.  Wow. People come and go so quickly here, Toto!  I’m actually pretty curious to find out how that all resolves.  If it does.  And what that represents for MCN’s, in general.

Stay tuned…

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