Leesa Dean: Adventures of a Web Series Newbie


Chapter 48 – Shooting
by Leesa Dean

After last week’s debacle, we picked ourselves up and got an actor/comedian I’ve worked with a lot to fill in. The new shoot’s on Sunday, we’re rehearsing this evening and I’m pretty psyched. He always delivers plus is ultra reliable and a nice guy. That always wins the the race. So, although I’ll be missing part of the red carpet of the Oscars, it’s cool to be actually working towards making my dreams come true then vs. sitting around and watching other people live their’s out (though it is fun to either drool over or mock the outfits; yes, I’m DVR’ing it).

Meanwhile, this week I’ve been in mini-film school. Been doing the camera workshop and it’s been great! Classes on camera technique, lighting, audio, composition, production. And tomorrow we do an all day shoot. We paired up (there are 8 people in the class) and last night, each team put together a script. I was partnered with Tara, who seems really cool and we seem to have the same sensibility (she works for Complex Mag). She & I put together an Oscar’s red carpet parody. We’re shooting in Union Square Park and already, mostly, have picked the locations. We have our shot list and I’m bringing some props.

Early tomorrow morning, we arrive at DCTV (where the classes are held), pick up our kits (we’re each getting a camera, tripod and wireless laveliers), jump on the subway and have about 4 hours to shoot. As part of our parody, we’re getting people on the street interviews so I hope we can some to be on camera. Luckily, the temperature’s supposed to be warmer (40 degrees) than it has been the past few days (it’s in the teens today!) and there’s no snow expected.

I’m enjoying this class so much, I suggested a part two to the teacher, Patrick Reis, also mentioned it to a friend who’s a fellow NYWIFT member and we’re all going to try to put something together with, possibly, NYWIFT stepping in as producer.

All very exciting.

Author: ChilltownTV

I'm primarily a writer. Sold a few series to tv networks and production companies but never had anything get on the air. So I taught myself how to animate and completed 3 digital series, launching two. The first, Chilltown has been named one of "Five Web Series That Should Be on Your Radar" by ABCNews/Univision and a "Show to Watch" by Tubefilter. The second, Lele's Ratchet Advice Show, garnered a fanatic cult following. As a result, I now do Lele's 60 Second Wrap Up, a weekly comedic entertainment report (which I write & perform) that airs on urban radio stations Rhythm 105.9fm and the Just Wake Up Morning Show on WWRNfm.

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