Leesa Dean: Adventures of a Web Series Newbie

wildstyleChapter 33 – The Pep Talk Part 1
by Leesa Dean

So, one evening a few weeks ago, freshly back from ATL, I found myself walking throughBellevue Hospital. If you’ve never been to Bellevue, and this was my first time, here’s the visual: It’s HUGE. There’s a big relatively new glass structure that takes up a full city block in front of the old building and you have to walk for, what feels like, miles through bleak linoleum hallways that have piped in smooth jazz playing to just get where you’re going. Kinda like Vegas. Without the carpeting and fake boobs.

No, I wasn’t admitting myself, though, sometimes the process of putting out/promoting aweb series has made feel like I was going crazy. Johnny, the brother of one of my oldest friends had been riding his bicycle over the Brooklyn Bridge, got in an accident and was/is in a coma in the Neuro ICU. Yes, avid bikers, he was wearing a helmet and riding in the pedestrian lane and yes, I am officially crossing riding a bike off my list of things I’m planning on ever doing.

I was there to visit him, the family and lend some support. Is he gonna make it? I sure hope so! And hope he makes a complete recovery. But it’s too soon to tell.  One thing it’s done is definitely put things in perspective. Which brings me to Rollo.

He had been texting me for weeks, hoping, I was assuming, to get together so he could spill his guts about his problems in Hollywood. As it turns out, he was gonna be near the hospital that evening so I agreed to meet him for a quick drink after visiting Johnny. Needless to say, I really wasn’t in the mood for any whining.

But vs. complaining (which is my number pet peeve under normal circumstances, although I guess I am sorta complaining right now…) he simply wanted some advice: Should he bail on the business and get some type of day job, or stick it through?

And, even though his career has seemed to take a disastrous turn of late, I decided to give him a pep talk. Why? I guess getting a second chance was on my mind. Also, he’s legitimately put in a lot of time in the biz and, I believe, ultimately things will work out for him.  Next week I’ll fill you in on the nitty gritty of our convo.

Before I sign off, I wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to my friend Patti Astor. For those who don’t know, among other things she was an icon during the art scene in the 80?s plus the star of one of the biggest movies about hip-hop culture of all time, Wild Style.

Patti has a brand new memoir coming out describing her days running The Fun Gallery, a great NYC gallery that featured a who’s who of graffiti artists and more (Jean-Michel Basquiat was her good friend and showed there; Fab 5 Freddy of Yo! MTV Raps and Blondie fame was her boyfriend; she championed Dondi, Futura, Keith Haring, you get the drift.)

I literally can not WAIT to read this book. It not only has behind-the-scenes stories but tons of photos from back in the day. This book is ALREADY starting to get crazy buzz.Here’s the link where you can buy it. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya!

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