Writing Advice From The Writers Of “Adventure Time”


by Krutika Mallikarjuna

Pendleton Ward, Kent Osborne, and Rebecca Sugar had some great insights to share at the Times Talks panel during NYCC:

1. On how to create incredibly weird, interesting, yet relatable characters:

Pendleton Ward (at the Adventure Time panel): Fan-fic your friends.

2. Sometimes it’s best to let the relationships and backstory grow organically.

PW: We’re playing D&D [Dungeons and Dragons] — we’re role-playing the characters as we’re writing them.

3. Use tears minimally, especially when writing children.

PW: When you’re an adult, you like to punish them [characters].

4. Because they’ll turn into huge sissies that nag all the time, like the worst Ninja Turtle.

PW: Leonardo sucks.

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