LB: ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ News


NOVEMBER 28, 2016 UPDATE: The good folks at Russian Spider-Man website THWIP have stepped right into the breach and created a video that turns the Spider-Man Unlimited Second Season arc into a dazzling visual display in both English and Russian language versions. It’s up on YouTube right now, and you can see the English version HERE.

Like the heading on this article says, after lo, these many, many years, TVWriter™ has some new news about Spider-Man Unlimited.

Nope, sorry, the news isn’t that after sixteen years of being off the air, the series is returning to broadcast TV. That web, sadly, has disintegrated.

But there is good news. Responding to a recent email from a fan of the show, I did some research and discovered some files I’d thought were lost long ago – all the first (and only produced) season scripts for the series, the planned overall story arc for the unproduced second season, and – drum roll – the first five scripts written for that second season.

This means that right now, today, you can hie yourselves (as someone we all know used to say) over to TVWriter™’s Spider-Man Unlimited resource page and find the links to both the arc and the first episode for Season Two, Spider-Man Unlimited: Destiny Unleashed, Part Two, and do the, you know, click and read thing.

As that self-same person who used to say “hie” would say, “Enjoy yourselves, True Believers!”

And while we’re at it, any infidels out there are welcome too.