Last Week in Cord Cutting

More cord cutting news for all you crazy, zany refugees from the tyranny of satellite and cable TV, from Luke Bourna at CordCuttersNews.

The central issue this week is whether or not cord cutting saves money. Over the past year, both sides – The Should-Yous and the Shouldn’t-Yous – have shown us conflicting figures for comparison, but to us at TVWriter™ it seems clear that the answer is – it depends on exactly how much access you want to how many different channels. Needing an extensive sports package, for example, can change the entire price structure no matter which way you go.

Our own experience has shown that in most cases cutting the cord in favor of individual on-demand streams has been less expensive than  a traditional cable or satellite connection, but oftentimes it has taken so much more time to keep track of what to watch and when to watch it that it may not be worth the savings.

Here’s what CordCuttersNews.Com has to say on the matter: