Know Thy Elevator Pitch!

If you want to sell yourself you have to be ready to make your move at all times. Know your stuff! Know your strengths! Know your elevator pitch!

elevator ninjaby Richard “RB” Botto

It’s been said that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. Only one of those things is completely in your control?—?preparation. Whether you’re a screenwriter, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur or anyone else trying to draw attention and support to a personal or professional endeavor, there’s no excuse not to have your elevator pitch down cold. It needs to be practiced, honed and memorized so that when opportunity rears its head, the words roll off your tongue with an undeniable confidence.

This is a horror story, but please don’t avert your eyes.

I have a friend. Let’s call him Alberto. Alberto is a successful film producer of some 15 films, many you know well. He also has one Academy Award nomination and two Golden Globe nominations under his belt.

I have another friend. We’ll call him Joe. Joe is an extremely talented screenwriter who has placed high in some prestigious contests and secured a couple of options over his five-year writing career.

For all his success and his solid reputation within the Hollywood community as well as navigating a schedule that would challenge the most driven, Alberto remains a remarkably humble and accessible guy.

Joe has a personality opposite of most screenwriters in this town in that he’s very much an extrovert and certainly not one who shies away from expressing his opinion whether solicited or not. If you give him the opening, Joe can melt the ears from your face discussing any of his seven available scripts. The joke amongst our mutual friends is that Joe takes longer to get to the point of his story than the actual running time of a film based on one of his scripts would be if produced. Another joke we like to throw at Joe is that his loglines need a logline. In short, conciseness ain’t Joe’s bag, baby.

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