Kathryn Graham: 48 Hour Film Project


by Kathryn Graham

Ever heard of the 48 Hour Film Project?

Why, it’s a chance for you to test your skills, meet people, and jump start your creativity. Spend a sleepless few days pushing yourself and your team to the limits for fun, glory, and the arts! I just finished the New Haven chapter’s 2013 run (but there are many other cities who haven’t started yet). Here’s why I had a great time and you might too:

1. Creating Under Pressure. Are you a perfectionist or a procrastinator? This project will give you a swift kick in the pants. When you only have a few hours to come up with an award-winning script, you dress down your task to the bare essentials and get cracking or you lose your chance altogether.

2. Making Friends (Or Strengthening Friendships). For me the majority of our team were strangers to me (friends of friends) at the onset. Now, not only do I know more passionate, talented people who are dedicated to filmmaking, but they also know me.

3. Learning. Want to learn something about lighting? A/V setup? Video editing? This is a great way to get a down and dirty overview of many of the jobs that are necessary to film creation. If you want to know, you will find out what goes into each person’s job on your crew.

4. Problem Solving. When you don’t have a lot of prep time or funds, you end up with problems that need solving quickly and creatively. This is a useful life skill all around, but it’s especially helpful when making a movie with a skeleton crew.

You can also win awards and screening potential. But for me, that’s the least of it. There’s nothing quite like a team of dedicated filmmakers pulling together to make something they can be proud of (or make fun of later depending on how it comes out).

Go check out the site. Quick. Your city might be starting theirs this weekend. Here, I’ll even link it again to save you some time: 48 Hour Film Project.

3.3.6-B – Sci-Fi Entry 48 Hour Film Project New Haven 2013

Oh yeah, that video up there? That’s the one my team came up with. Sci-Fi Genre had to include: tongs, Detective Steve Nash, and “I’d like to see you try.”

Watch it in HD if you want to make our Director of Photography happy. And if you go out and join your town’s 48 Hour Project, we’d love to see your video too, so link it up in the comments!

Author: Kathryn Graham

Los Angeles-based television writer, TVWriter Contributing Editor, and lover of women. e-mail: kathrynagraham@gmail.com