Herbie J Pilato: Am I Becoming My TV? – The Sequel

mangalaxyby Herbie J Pilato

There are all kinds of scientific experiments being conducted today about the transference of “energy”; how the human body itself is a conduit for actual electric current and pulsation.

That’s why, for example, the light bulb sometimes blows out when we attempt to turn off a lamp.

As logic would dictate it, then similar energy transference would then take place between TV watchers and their home television monitors, no?  And not just on a physical but on an almost telepathic level?

That is to say, they don’t spell it “tele”-pathy and “tele”-vision that way for nothing, eh?

This may be the exact scientific proof, from both a “horizontal” and “vertical” perspective, that television, “good” or “bad,” quality programming or not, has a definite effect on its viewers; almost similar to the entire pheromone-chemistry-theory that takes place between two people who are sexually attracted to one another.

It would all seem to make sense, then, to have electrical currents either cross or line-up between the human machine and the TV machine, each time someone sits down to watch one of their favorite shows.

Clearly, the possibilities for both improvement and destruction, on an emotional, psychological and physical level, are available by the simple “energy exchange” that occurs when someone “switches” from say a violent program or TV-movie to a heart-warming, family-oriented series or special.

Many would agree that one’s emotional mood is different when we watch a comedy or a drama. It has been documented for years how terminally ill patients have actually improved their health with consistent and frequent “prescriptions” and doses of sitcom-viewing (preferably good ones like Seinfeld (though only the first five years, The King of Queens (again, only the first five years).

Consequently, and apparently then, the “connection” between the television watcher and the television monitor is far more sophisticated than just the “energy” it requires to press the “on” button and/or to then subsequently change the “channel.”

Editor’s Note: In case you missed Herbie’s previous musings on this subject (the ones’ that make this a sequel), get thee hence!

Author: Herbie J Pilato

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