It’s CARGO 3120 Day


Longtime TVWriter™ visitors may recall that LB and the minions here have always had a soft spot for the writing of Aaron Walker Sr. and Daymond C. Roman and CARGO 3120, the project they’ve been struggling with for a couple of years now.

Originally intended as a television series, then a live-action web series, then an animated web series, and then a weekly web comic, this fascinating science fiction premise has had tough going…not because of any lack of talent behind it but because of, well, a problem all of us probably know all too well:

Not enough $$$.

After taking some time off from CARGO 3120 to re-evaluate the practicalities of its existence, Aaron and Daymond are back with a format that greatly interests us – a wide-ranging interweb space adventure novel available for a very low price and Kindle and for free on the CARGO website.

We wish CARGO 3120 well, and to demonstrate it, we’re turning over this entire day’s TVWriter™ posts to it. Enjoy, adventure lovers!

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