Inside NICOLIFE, the Web Series LB luvs!

NOTE FROM LB: A couple of weeks ago, we featured a new web series called NicoLife here on TVWriter™ and, yes, it’s true, grumpy old me kinda fell in love with it. I think this is an exceptionally well done series which would work just as well on TV (whatever that is these days) and the interwebs (whatever they are these days.

Recently I talked to Robin Nystom, the show’s multiple hyphenate Writer-Director-Producer, to ask the two questions that always comes to mind the first time I see or read anything, anywhere, from any creator: “What is it you want NICOLIFE to accomplish, artistically and personally/professionally? How does it fit into your dream future?”

Here’s Robin’s answer:

NicoLife Behind the Scenes Capture

by Robin Nystrom

On the one hand, my goals with Nicolife were ambitious. I set out to elevate the web series format with a satirical and dark and compelling story that twists and turns in unexpected ways across six episodes. On the other hand, Nicolife has been a passion project more than anything else, born out of a desire to create. It was never driven by a wish to make money. I simply wanted to create something in the world that wasn’t there when we started—in my opinion, that’s one of the most beautiful things you can do.

The comedy web series Nicolife tells the story of Nicolai and Phil, two attention-starved nobodies who desire fame and fortune above everything else. Unfortunately, their social ineptitude lead them down a path of tragedy and death. The show is a satirical look at the egocentrism of our YouTube generation.

Season 1 of Nicolife was produced on location in San Luis Obispo, California by a group of film lovers. What we lacked in monetary resources, we made up for in passion and creativity.

Zero-budget film making means that you film first and ask questions later. This was certainly the case for the Nicolife team. We took over the homes of friends and family members (with or without their permission).

We convinced a local business owner to let us shoot inside his laundromat. We got kicked out of a grocery store when we tried to film a short scene guerrilla style.

We were hit by a harsh rain storm on a mountaintop, during the longest drought in California history, and had to carry our camera equipment down a mudslide.

We were almost arrested by two cops when we shot a scene outside an ATM and were accused of using “suspicious equipment.”

We inflicted plenty of scrapes and bruises on our poor actors (sorry, couldn’t afford stunt doubles).

And last but not least, we made two fake DIY corpses and became well-versed in the art of making large amounts of fake and edible blood.

Even with all the challenges that we had to face, the production team had a blast…which is why my dream future is to share my stories with people from all walks of life, all over the world.

Nicolife will always be a part of my storytelling repertoire, even as I move on to other creative endeavors. We just hope that people will enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed making it…which is why my dream future is to share my stories with people from all walks of life, all over the world.

Thank you, LB!

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