Indie Video: Why Film Students Are God’s Chosen


I didn’t make this video, but I sure wish I did.

If yer friendly neighborhood munchaderio ends up not being able to live forever (although I sure don’t know why, or how, that could possibly be) then I want to die and live in the same hell as the crew in this behind-the-scenes. Christ knows that I already feel like I know ’em.

Brought to us by Mommy Comedy

Credits –
written & directed by Andrew Heder & Ryan Kelly
shot & edited by Ryan Kelly
graphics by Amy Bury
Cast –
Mateo St. Portugal – Andrew Heder @andrewheder
P. Brooks – Paul Brooks @cupcupdrinks
Rose Pilates – Amy Bury @AmyBury1
Grey Epcott – Greg Santos @GregorySantos
Kyle Schmidt – Matt Kelly
Randall Hamms – Ryan Kelly @RyanKelly______
Tobe Merkle – Paul Morgan @Paul_J_Morgan
Mommy Comedy – Andrew Heder @andrewheder Ryan Kelly @RyanKelly______