Indie Video: Trauma & Mental Health from a Female Perspective

Not only is the subject matter of this article fascinating, so is the perspective of the writer, Jenna Dorst. You don’t see this kind of thing on Old Media, or even Big Media, gang.

Exploring Trauma: VOD and Web Series Picks
by Jenna Dorsi

In media, women’s pain is usually used to motivate men. So there’s a real demand for nuanced portrayals of female trauma, which looks at what women are actually going through — as opposed to how their distress impacts some guy.

Each of this month’s picks deal with women’s trauma and mental health. “Second Assault” sees a rape survivor and documentary filmmaker confronting the cop who, years earlier, refused to believe her. The short doc examines how his initial response exacerbated her pain.

Then, there’s the rom-com web series “How to Survive: A Break-Up,” which lightens up the mood a little. It centers on a recently dumped young woman who is not coping healthily. “Gremlin Girl” also uses humor to examine mental health issues. It’s an animated web series about a woman who’s haunted by her anxieties, literally, as embodied by the titular pest.

Here are Women and Hollywood’s VOD and web series selections for August.

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